Our values

Our company values are central to achieving our Vision. They create a framework for how we operate and therefore how we will achieve our goals. The Aurum Values help create a unique culture that supports, empowers and develops our people. We ensure that our colleagues are constantly recognised and rewarded for displaying the Values

VibE is our recognition website, designed to be a simple, meaningful way to acknowledge the ways that our colleagues live the Aurum Vision & Values. Colleagues across the country can recognise easily using VibE which can be accessed from any device with internet.

VibE supports our philosophy of recognising colleagues who achieve results by demonstrating the Aurum Values: We are Team, We are Ethical, We are Enthusiastic, We strive for Excellence, We are Dedicated and finally, We Care.

Whether you are a manager of people or an individual contributor, you play a pivotal role in the success of Aurum and being recognised is important to us. We want all colleagues to feel valued for their contribution and VibE is where we see our Vision & Values come to life throughout the business. We look forward to welcoming you to VibE!